Dads & Daughters

Want more Dad and Daughter time?
… head to the woods where adventure is waiting!

What will we do?IMG_6242 Elanie & Nathan

  • Bivouac under the stars
  • Knife Skills
  • Fire making
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Time to Connect

Where?  1hr from SW London, at a majestic private forest estate in Sussex.

Who?  Dads with daughters in School Yr5 and above (From 9yrs old. Up to 2 daughters per Dad)

When? Arrive 0900hrs Saturday, depart 1300hrs Sunday: 25th-26th March 2023

How much?  £140 Per Person [E.g. £280 Per Dad & Daughter] If you have a group of 6 or more (e.g. 3 Dads + 3 Sons) and wish to create a private event CONTACT me here 

What Equipment is Required?     [CLICK HERE FOR KIT LIST]

What does it look like?    [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

0 Motorola ImgBased at an expedition style camp in the heart of the forest, this will be a very practical weekend with a maximum group size of 10. You will be encouraged to have a go at a range of activities aimed to help us have fun while connecting with the wild. Around the campfire there will be time for tales of adventure, celebrating the day’s journey and of course marsh-mallows!

Accommodation will be under tarp bivouacs which you and your daughter will set up during the0 Laplander Img shelter session. All main meals, and tea / coffee / hot chocolate will be provided. Our evening meal on Saturday night will be a hearty game stew which we will prepare and cook over the campfire. On Sunday morning we will make damper bread for breakfast cooked on the embers. Hot water for beverages will be supplied via the camp kettle throughout the weekend.

0 Clipper ImgLike me you may be blessed with equally adventurous sons who also thrive spending time in the forest. If so, have a look at my Fathers & Sons and, Wild Ventures Weekend events.

Here’s to woodsmoke, and pursuing the hearts of our daughters!

You may note the similarities between my events for Daughters and for Sons, and naturally ask why these are separate? I believe it is precious to intentionally spend Father & Son time, or Dad & Daughter time. It helps impart value to our kids and in my experience, relationships with sons and daughters have different dynamics, which we can cherish and enjoy!